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VinBus Officially Operates The First Smart Electric Bus In Vietnam

HANOI, VIETNAM - Media OutReach - 9 April 2021 - On April 08th, 2021, VinBus Ecology Transport Services Limited Liability Company officially opened and put into operation the first smart electric bus in Vietnam. The first electric bus lines will operate in Vinhomes Ocean Park (Gia Lam) while waiting for finishing the procedures to connect with the city's public passenger transport system in the coming time.

VinBus is an electric bus model manufactured and assembled by VinFast at the Automobile Manufacture Complex in Hai Phong, converging many modern technologies with the smartest and safest features according to the developing strategy of current VinFast's smart electric bus series.

Buses with primary green, friendly design, affirming the orient of investment and development in VinFast's ecosystem in smart means of transport by using green, environmental friendly energy and community health protecting.

As smart electric buses, VinBus provides passengers with an outstanding comfort and safe experience. Buses are equipped with the automatic system that controls the driver's behavior and warns unsafe dangers; The automatic lowering mode of the bodywork suitable for the elderly, children, disabled persons, pregnant women ...; Electronic board announces the upcoming stop; Free WiFi, USB charging port, entertainment monitor and security camera system and itinerary control, turning back alarm, parking monitoring...

VinBus owns a battery capacity of 281 kWh, capable of moving up to 220 - 260km. Buses can be quickly fully charged after only 2 hours at VinBus's 150kW fast charging station system with the world's leading charging technology provided by StarCharge.

All buses of VinBus will be managed and operated intelligently through centralized monitoring, charging, safety inspection, maintenance, repair, and automatic cleaning at Depot stations scientifically arranged according to VinBus' primary lines. The construction standard of the Depot stations is on a campus of more than 1 hectare, the roof equipped with solar panels, ensuring energy supply for Depot activities, contributing to reducing the pressure load of the power source for the national power system, environmental protection.

"With the motto "Serving from the heart", we believe that VinBus' modern, smart, safe electric bus products and VinBus' dedicated service will make a difference, not only enhance people's travel experience; but also create a hit to change the community's commuting habits; thereby reducing air and noise pollution, contributing to green traffic creation in Vietnam" – said by Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, Deputy General Director of VinBu.

Firstly, VinBus will operate the internal line at Vinhomes Ocean Park, and with the approval of the state appropriate authority will open more bus lines to connect to the network and connect to the city's public passenger transport system, serving a large number of people.

About VinBus
VinBus Ecology Transport Services Limited Liability Company is a member of Vingroup, established in 2019, with the charter capital of 1,000 billion Vietnamese dong, engaging in the public passenger transport field under the non-profit model. 100% of the company's profits will be reinvested to develop its system, expand the operating area and improve service quality, in order to contribute to the construction of a civilized and modern public transport system, reduce air and noise pollution for Vietnam's major cities.

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